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Photos Courtesy of Donn Cote and Jerry Fascione & Dave Dykes

Moon Burgess

Stan Greger

Ray Brown

Lou Carangelo

Gene Bergin

Charlie Glazier

Sparky Belmont

Gary Colturi

Reggie Ruggiero

Rene Charland

Jocko Maggiacomo

Richie Evans

Ken Goodemote

John Rosati

Larry Lafayette

Stan Woods

Stan Disbrow

Les Ley

Charlie Richards

Joe Csiki

Dick Dixon

Danny Galullo

Don Spazano

Elton Hill

Ed Gauvin

Ken Bouchard

Reggie Ruggiero

George Lombardo

Ed Flemke, Jr.

Gene White

Billy Knight

Red Carr

Bob Polverari

Jap Membrino

Ray Miller

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