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We are currently looking for old photos from Riverside Park Speedway of some of the drivers from the past. We would really like to get photos of some of the past champions, like Buddy Krebs, Corky Cookman, Jocko Maggiacomo, etc... If you have photos, preferably color, please E-Mail the webmaster with contact information. All photos will be returned after being scanned for use, and each contributor's name will be mentioned while their particular photo is being displayed.

A Special thanks goes out to Moe Mahoney of Berlin, CT. He sent this nice selection of photos from his collection for all of us to enjoy.

This picture is from the late 1950's of Dick Dixon's 8 Ball
convertible, rolling down the front stretch at Riverside Park Speedway.

This picture is from the early to mid 1960's of Dick Dixon's #19.

July 1963, 3 time track champion, Buddy Krebs (1957, 1960, 1969)
behind the wheel of the # 19.

Danny Gallullo piloting the 888 in August 1965.

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