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We are currently looking for old photos from Riverside Park Speedway of some of the drivers from the past. We would really like to get photos of some of the past champions, like Buddy Krebs, Corky Cookman, Jocko Maggiacomo, etc... If you have photos, preferably color, please E-Mail the webmaster with contact information. All photos will be returned after being scanned for use, and each contributor's name will be mentioned while their particular photo is being displayed.

The next two were given to me by John Fisher himself.

This is the 76 owned by John Bletza.

The 28 owned then and now by Luther Hosmer.

During John's career he was a 3 time track champion in the
Grand American division and racked up a circuit championship
along the way as well. He ran with some of the best of his day,
Jerry Cook, Ken and Ron Bouchard, Geoff and Brett Bodine and one
of the all time greats Richie Evans.

Now John can be found in the Riverside Park Speedway pit area as he's
the owner of the Gee Perry driven, Artioli Dodge sponsored #43 SuperTruck.

Thanks for the photos John.

This 1937 Chevy Coupe was driven by Russ McLean, at Riverside Park Speedway
from 1964 to 1974. The car was restored in 1986 as a tribute to Russ and
now is used for shows and exhibition racing.
Special thanks to owner Jack Gelgut for the photo.
The car is driven by Brian Janik during the exibition races.

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